Yacht Maintenance


Thunderbird Yacht

Woohoo! The Thunderbird is now back in its boathouse at the Thunderbird Lodge and operating on Lake Tahoe again!

The Thunderbird Yacht, at the age of 77 (in 2017), finally needed a replanking of the mahogany bottom. Due to the low water situation at Lake Tahoe resulting in the inability to operate from its boathouse at the Thunderbird Lodge, the yacht was removed from the boathouse last fall and transported to our shop facility for maintenance.

To get the yacht out of the boathouse required propellers, prop shafts, shaft struts, and rudders to be removed and the yacht towed to a marina for haulout and transportation by trailer.

The bottom replanking project has been completed, and with above average winter precipitation we will have Thunderbird back in operation from its boathouse through late September.

For latest Thunderbird Yacht video, click the play button below.