Join or Renew for Preservation with Privileges

Please join us in keeping alive the Flagship tradition we started back in 2012: camaraderie and good cheer amongst a community of like-minded preservationists committed to saving Lake Tahoe’s art, history, and heritage.

While Save-the-Castle™ is the primary campaign to preserve Thunderbird Lodge and Yacht, we invite you to sustain these treasures through an elevated Flagship membership at the Captain, Commodore, or Admiral level. Flagship members garner priority year-round access to Thunderbird’s facilities, educational programs, activities, and events.
In each year that Thunderbird achieves 50 members at one of these Flagship levels, a Northern Nevada philanthropist makes a matching gift to Thunderbird Lake Tahoe’s permanent Preservation Fund endowment.


As credit card fees diminish the amount of your gift available for our programs, we automatically add a 5% surcharge to cover the high cost of these bank charges.

If you would rather not pay the service charge, please mail payment by check to:

Thunderbird Lake Tahoe
PO Box 6812
Incline Village, NV 89450

Captains Enjoy:

• Flagship Members-Only Experiences
• Terrace Tuesdays
• Thunder Thursdays
• Docking Privileges at Flagship Events
• Complimentary Tours

(plus 5% surcharge)

Commodores Enjoy:

• Flagship Captain Privileges
• Scheduled Thunderbird Yacht Cruises

(plus 5% surcharge)

Admirals Enjoy:

• Flagship Commodore Privileges
• Picnic Access to Estate Grounds
• Admiral Programs and Events

(plus 5% surcharge)